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Q1. Who can participate in the challenge?

The innovation challenge is open to individuals or teams of up to 5 members, aged between 18 to 38 years old, with a background or strong interest in technology, environmental science, logistics, finance or related fields. But anyone within the age group and interested in proposing solutions to decarbonize India’s Transport sector can apply.

We’re seeking innovative, practical solutions that can help delivery companies and governments’ support the transition to electric vehicles and sustainable practices. This could include technological innovations, software solutions, enterprise models, or policy recommendations.

Solutions can be submitted through our application form on the dedicated event website. You will need to complete the registration form and upload your proposal in the specified format.

Proposals should include an executive summary, problem statement, detailed description of the proposed solution, feasibility study, sustainability assessment, implementation plan, budget overview, and impact measurement.

Form Guide: India Evolve Innovation Challenge

No, there is no fee required to submit your proposal for the event.

Yes, the top 20 selected teams will receive mentorship and have access to boot camps and training sessions to refine their ideas.

Winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity for their solutions to be presented to leading experts in the field.

Submissions will be evaluated based on innovation, impact, feasibility, sustainability, and scalability by a panel of industry experts and environmentalists.

Winning solutions will be compiled into a report to be shared with relevant companies and ecosystem partners. There may be opportunities for further collaboration to implement these solutions.

No, This is only applicable for people residing in India and is a native of India

The final pitches will be held virtually before the judges with detailed written submissions while the final award ceremony will be held in person at a venue to be communicated in the run up to the ceremony.

The final winning teams will be given travel support to enable their participation in the award ceremony.

For further inquiries, you can contact us at contact@indiaevolve.com

  • A delivery company collaborates with an AI start-up to optimize routes for their electric fleet based on real-time traffic data, battery charge levels, and delivery points. This not only maximizes the deliveries they can make on a single charge but also helps in effectively managing the charging cycles, thereby extending the battery life and reducing operational costs.
  • A delivery company collaborates with city planners to set up dedicated fast-charging EV stations in strategic urban locations, exclusively for delivery vehicles. They secure permissions for these stations in exchange for providing data on EV operations, which the city uses to refine its EV policies.

More details available in the PDF
If you have any queries, you may contact contact@indiaevolve.com

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